Posted by: teamcleveland | August 24, 2009

8 miles @ Newport Beach

An eight mile swim on Saturday morning at Newport Beach proved to be one of the most difficult of the training season. Get this: when we were headed south, my kayak support boats were struggling to keep pace. It was easier to navigate the strong current and waves while swimming as opposed to kayaking. Usually once you break the surf line and swim out beyond the pier, the waves become predictable. Of course, we relish training opportunities like this. When the fair weather beach goers of So Cal and even the tourists refuse to venture into the surf, TeamCleveland appears on the shore and spends the next 30 minutes attempting to get two kayaks out through the shore break. Once beyond the piers, we battled the swells for over 3 hours. A very good training run as we head soon to the one place in the world where I’ve encountered the biggest swells in an open water swimning before: the Maui Channel.

Just keep swimming,

Team Cleveland


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