About TeamCleveland

Here we chronicle the adventures of an ocean swimmer. In 2008, facing poor weather conditions we conquered the English Channel, swimming from Dover, UK, to the rocks at Cap Griz Nez, near Calais, France. In 2009, we conquered the Catalina Channel, swimming 20 miles — most of it in the dark — from Catalina Island to Palos Verdes. In 2010, we swam around the island of Manhattan!

The goal? To be one of only 41 swimmers to ever complete the “Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming” (English Channel, Catalina, Manhattan). Beyond the Triple Crown, we plan to spend a lifetime seeking out new challenges around the globe.

Swimming is an “individual sport” — why use “we” and not “I”? Why TeamCleveland? First, challenges of this magnitude are not possible alone. A team of supporters and a generous donor made our English Channel swim a reality. Ten supporters spent the night on a boat, bobbing up and down across the Catalina Channel.

(Note: the header photo on this site is the view from just off the French coast, looking back at England, at sunset on September 13, 2008 – a moment we will not soon forget. Just after sunset I made it to the rocks at Cap Griz Nez.)


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